lundi 4 février 2019

GSTP Janvier 2019 - Adieu 2018

Comme chaque début d'année, on reprend en compilant ce qui nous a (plus ou moins) plu l'année dernière !
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Suicidal Tendencies - All kinda crazy
Madball - Rev up
Terror - Total retaliation
Strung Out - Town of Corazon
Chaser - At what cost
Direct Hit - Perfect black
Envy - Marginalized thread
Birds in Row - Love is Political
Hollie Cook - Ghostly fading
Reel Big Fish - You can't have all of me
Two Tone Club - Seven days a week
Authority Zero - A blind eye
Swingin Utters - Human potential
Drei Affen - Dejadme soñar despiertx
Crowning - Julius Breezer
Dysfunctional By Choice - A Night of Iron / a Night of Blood
The longshots - Love is for losers
Anti-Flag - For what it's worth
Les 3 fromages - ça plane pour moi
Mad Caddies - She
Delgrès - Mr President
Lite - Zone
Kopp Johnson - Gilet jaune
Idles - Glam rock
The Bombpops - turn up the thermostat
The Human Project - The Rhetoric
Nothing - Us we are
Satanic Surfers - Catch my breath
Nerdinger - Underrated
Les rois de la Suede - La chanson du pardon
Weezer - Zombie Bastard

lundi 17 décembre 2018

GSTP Decembre 2018 - 50 nuances de jaune

Le mois a été marqué par la couleur jaunes (et notamment sous forme de gilets), God Save The Punk a choisi une variation autour du jaune

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Blondie -Doom or Destiny
Trust - Antisocial
Sex Pistols - Something else
The Exploited - Fuck the system
Do or Die - Breathe at last
Bad Religion - Kyoto Now
GBH - Give me fire
Les Sales Majestés - Camarade
Yanis Odua - Rouge Jaune Vert
Perez Trop Ska - Les filles de la CGT
Justin(e) - L'hymne de la Beaujoire
Les Frères Misères - Il ne suffit pas
Bérurier Noir - On a faim
Warsaw Was Raw - Rest in piss
Yellowcard - For you and your denial
Stupid Karaté - Smell like piss spirit
TheGet Up Kids - Stay gold ponyboy
Darcelys - un pastis bien frais
Les Betteraves - Oui Oui's not dead
Feels like home - Yellow
Boikot - Hasta Siempre Commandante
Rancid - If the kids are united
Ultra Vomit - Je collectionne les canards
Mon coté Punk - Hong Kong
La Chanson Du Dimanche - Super pouvoir d'achat
HK et les Saltimbanques - On lache rien
Nirvana - Territorial Pissing
D.ACE - Tensions sociales
Head Automatica - At a speed of a yellow bullet
NOFX - 60%
Acute - M Siren
Discharge - Protest and Survive
Body Count - Cop Killer

GSTP Novembre 2018 - July

La playlist, c'est du 100% le choix de July !

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Rancid - Roots Radicals
Refused - The shape of punk to come
Sick of it all - Scratch the surface
Danforth - Crime hell familia
Trapped Under Ice - Streets Lights
Reign Supreme - Persevere and overcome
Rotting out - Laugh now, die later
Blood for blood - Ain't like you
Jaya the cat - Hello hangover
Terror - Betrayer
Broken Teeth - The Seeker
Throwdown - Burn
Joan Baez - Here's to you
Soul Search - Stuck
Cruel Hand - Lock and key
Desolated - Dead End
Hatebreed - Doomslayer
Björk - Army of me
Squrl - Please feel free to piss in the garden
Too Many Zooz - Subway Gawdz
Happy Fist - Never give up
Wolf Down - Stray From The Path
Backtrack - The worst of both worlds
Walls of Jericho - The American Dream
Brass Against - Guerilla Radio
Ramones - Spiderman
Zus - Lofoforain
Pay No Respect - How it ends
Nasty - Look at me and fuck you
Madball - Born Strong
Get The Shot - Blackened Sun
Deviate - Dawn of manking
Knooked Loose - Oblivions peak

GSTP Octobre 2018 - Bon groupe, mauvais morceaux

Ce mois-ci, le défi est de taille: Choisir de très bons groupes et diffuser leurs pires morceaux. Attention les oreilles...

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Rancid - Ghost of a Chance
Mad Caddies - Airplane
NOFX - I've got one jealous, again
Reel Big Fish - S.R
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
The Clash - We are the Clash
Uncommonmentrommars - Key's in the mail
Sublime - Pawn Shop
Agnostic Front - For my family
Danforth - Catharsis
At the drive-in - Coating of arms
Blink-182 - This is home
Justin(e) - On a des guests
Weezer - Can't stop partying
Simple plan - Jet Lag
Johnny Hallyday - Jesus Christ
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Fugue
Michale Graves - Dig up her bones
Fall Out Boy - Love will tear us apart
Motley Crue - Anarchy in the UK
Rage Against the Machine - Street Fighting Man
Streetlight Manifesto - Me and Julio down by the schoolyard
Anastacia & Celine Dion - You shook me all night long
The Offspring - Hit That
Les Betteraves - Les extraterrestres

mardi 25 septembre 2018

GSTP Septembre 2018 - Around The World

C'est la rentrée, et on vous a concocté une sélection de morceaux venus d'un peu partout dans le monde !

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Rise Against - Prayer of the refugee
ZWM - Khalti LBitala
The Bus Station Loonies - Rip Van Disney
Proud Scum - I am a rabbit
Barb Wire Dolls - L.A.
The Geeks - A light in the dark
Distemper - The world is yours
Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Africain à Paris
The Clash - Revolution rock
Diazepunk - Viernes
Atlas Loosing Grip - Sinking ship
KGB - Bezelnik
Tritha - Macher Bajaar
Charles Trenet - Douce France
Deviate - Thorn of the living
The Grandtry - Fairytale
Tukatukas - The mask
NOFX - Franco Un American
Pussy Riot - Make America great again
Didier Super - A bas les gens qui bossent
Les Wriggles - Planète
Rachid Taha - Rock The Casbah
Oet8h15teens - We are the world
Un groupe de lycée - Because I got High
Weezer - Africa
No use for a Name - Turning japanese
Me first and the Gimme Gimmes - Country Roads
Wickeda - Ernesto Che Guevara

GSTP Aout 2018 - Chaleur Estivale

Petit émission tranquille, avec les titres qu'on a le plus écouté cet été
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Blink 182 - First Date
Millencolin - No cigar
Bad Religion - Drunk sincerity
Social Distortion - Reach for the sky
Hightower - Aqua tiger
Baby Ghost - Sleepums
Les Mauvais Jours - Spring city
Sport - Trompe l'ennui
Two Tone Club - Seven days a week
Edna's Goldfish - Better days
The Descendants - Clean sheets
State Champs - Elevated
The Story So Far - Nerve
Leo Ferré - Les anarchistes
Verbal Abuse - I hate you
Coldburn - Love left me
DeezNuts - Popular demand
Gallows - Abandon ship
Birds in row - Love is political
Drei Affen - Dejadme sonar despiertx
Burning Heads - Pop a pill
Crowning - Nerve
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Cancer Bats - Sabotage
The Flatliners - Cry cry cry
NOFX - Champs Elysées
Red Hot Chili Peppers - No chump love sucker
Ho99o9 - Street power
Backtrack - Their rule
Siberian Meat Grinder - Slay the dragon
The Vandals - Oï to the world
Vitamin X - About to crack
Terror - I'm only stronger
Ojne - Lo schema di propp
Algae bloom - list/leaves
Municipal Waste - You're cut off

GSTP Juin 2018 - Open bar

Alors je n'étais pas là donc j'imagine que Ninurs et July en on profité pour mettre tous les morceaux que je leur interdit de mettre. Tas de Sauvageons !

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Dirty Fonzy - Papa was a dirty punk
Circle Jerks - Coup d'etat
Lit - Miserable
Maximum The Hormone - Chu chu lovely muni
Polysics - Let's daba daba
Goldfinger -Superman
Sum 41 - Pain for pleasure
Blink 182 - Feeling this
The Longshot -Love is for losers
Hatebreed - I will be heard
Suicidal Tendancies - I saw you mommy
Agnostic Front - Gotta go
Rancid - Fall back down
Less than Jake - Look what happened
Reel Big Fish - Snoop dog baby
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The impression that I get
Sublime - Badfish
Citizen Kings - Better day
Mad Caddies - Drinking for  11
Les Betteraves - Nain d'jardin
Justin(e) - Une ode  à la mort
Lutin Bleu - sur la D66
Ludwig von 88 - Vengeur Masqué
Foo fighters + Serj Tankian - Holiday in cambodia
Streetlight Manifesto - Such great heights
The Offsprings - Feeling
The Clash - I fought the law
Steel Panther - Party like tomorrow is the end of the world
Lazlo Bane - I'm no superman
L'Armée du Love  - Narcotraficant
311 - Beautiful disaster
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Fire in the dancehall
Authority Zero - Broadcasting to the nation
Millencolin - No cigar
Green Day - Cigar
Lagwagon - Mr Coffee
No Use For A name - Not your saviour
NOFX - Franco Un-american
Bowling for Soup - Today is gonna be a great day